Baby Massage & Postnatal Group

What is Baby Massage?


Baby massage offers a wealth of benefits for baby and for parents.

• Improves sleep

• Reduces crying and emotional distress

• Enhances the bond between baby and parents

• Calms, soothes and relaxes you and your baby

• Stimulates baby’s digestion and helps to relieve discomfort

• Increases parents confidence

• Promotes communication through nurturing touch

• Improves baby’s coordination and muscle tone

• Provides parents with a deeper understanding of their baby

We offer:


• Baby massage courses in groups of approximately 6 parents and babies

• One to one baby massage course in your own home

• Dads baby massage classes at the weekend


Our baby massage courses run over 5 weeks and our group courses are held from our homes in Isleworth or in your own home.


Refreshments and cake are always provided. We will also give you a small bottle of organic, cold-pressed vegetable oil for massage as well as the IAIM handouts showing the massage strokes.


New to For Baby & Me, a 5 week Postnatal course with Baby Massage, at Gymboree in Chiswick, West London.


To book your place at Gymboree or find out more, please contact us at directly.


Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start baby massage?


Babies can be massaged from birth, although many parents prefer to wait until their baby is in the quiet alert phase more frequently, from six weeks onwards.

What if my baby is sleeping or cries and needs feeding during your classes?


During the course we demonstrate the massage strokes on a doll and you will be able to practice these in class either on your baby if he or she is willing, or on a doll that we will provide.

If your baby cries or needs feeding please feel able to do whatever you need to do to care for him or her.  We definitely believe in letting babies be babies.

Every baby is different and some babies will only be massaged for a very short amount of time. This is completely normal.

In each session we will review the strokes we learnt the week before and we always give out handouts so that you can practice the strokes at home, when the time is right for you and your baby.

Is there time to talk about any issues or questions I might have about life with a baby?


Each session has time allocated for a discussion about a postnatal topic such as sleep, crying or feeding.  If there is a topic that you would particularly like to discuss please feel free to mention it to us.

I have twins, can I still attend your classes?


Absolutely! Again, if your babies need feeding or are crying then please do whatever you need to do to care for them. There is plenty of time to review the strokes so that you can try them at home when the time is right for either of your babies.


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