Maternity Reflexology

What is Maternity Reflexology?


Reflexology is a popular complementary therapy used by women during and after pregnancy.


It works on the belief that reflex points on the feet and hands are linked to all the organs, bodily systems and skeletal structure of the body.


Reflexology is a natural therapy, which applies pressure to the reflex areas of the feet. It brings about a state of deep relaxation and can be of great support to you whilst your body is going through so many changes; it can help you remain relaxed, balanced, encourages the release of endorphins and boosts the immune system.


Benefits in Pregnancy


During your pregnancy, your body will go through significant changes; these changes will affect the emotional, hormonal and physiological balance of your body. Reflexology may help to alleviate or prevent the common discomforts of pregnancy.


Reflexology can be used for any of the following reasons during pregnancy:


• Ease anxiety, fear & tension

• Tiredness & insomnia

• General relaxation

• Increase energy levels


Reflex Zone Therapy - a particular style of reflexology - may help ease the physiological discomforts of pregnancy such as:


• Backache

• Sciatica

• Symphysis pubic pain

• Constipation

• Nausea and vomiting

• Excess salivation

• Carpal tunnel syndrome

• Heartburn


Maternity Reflexology


Reflex zone therapy may help stimulate the hormones needed for the birthing process to start.


Research has shown that receiving regular reflexology towards the end of pregnancy contributes to spontaneous onset of labour, improves progress and outcome, and reduces maternal pain perception. (Feder et al 1994, Motha & McGrath 1993)


Postnatal Reflexology


Reflexology is a very gentle and natural way to help you recover after the birth of your baby.


Postnatal Reflexology may help with:


• Stimulating lactation

• Breast engorgement

• General relaxation

• Back and neck ache

• Constipation

• May help reduce severity of postnatal depression


What will happen during a treatment?


A reflexology treatment during pregnancy will last no more than 30 minutes.


Before the treatment I will go through your general and obstetric history with you and gain your consent for treatment.  Please inform your midwife or obstetrician should you wish to receive any complimentary therapy including reflexology.  Reflexology will be carried out on bare feet. No oils are used in reflex zone therapy. The treatment will be carried out while you relax in a reclining chair. Most people find the treatment soothing, though occasionally some discomfort may be felt. After the session I will go through aftercare advice and discuss any further treatments if need be. Please allow 1 hour for the session.


Can I have reflexology?


A full consultation will be completed at your first visit to ensure that reflexology is right for you, as there are certain conditions where reflexology should be avoided. Always inform your midwife or other healthcare provider if you are having reflexology during pregnancy.


Reflexology is not recommended in pregnancies with:


• Epilepsy

• Cardiac, renal or Liver disease

• Obstetric Cholestasis

• Pre existing insulin dependent diabetic mellitus

• Severe asthma or other respiratory conditions

• Pre existing thyroid disorders

• Deep vein thrombosis or any existing coagulation disorders.

• Transverse, oblique or unstable lie

• Placenta praevia

• Recent or current antepartum haemorrhage

• Hypertension with diastolic > 90 mmHg

• Poly or oligohydramnios

• Multiple pregnancy


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